Your bathroom is perhaps one of the most important rooms of the house within which to relax and with the constant stresses and demands of daily living and hectic lifestyles is it any wonder that we all seek beautiful, comfortable bathrooms in which to unwind and relax. Naturally Tiled specialises in managing entire bathroom and wetroom installation projects from start to finish. We can design and supply your new bathroom or wetroom and we will carry out all installation work including wall and floor tiling, underfloor heating, plastering, plumbing and electrics. For peace of mind we are fully insured and are happy to provide you with details of our customers who will give you their own opinion about the way we work.

A Wetroom needs a proper foundation to enable the installation to achieve longevity and maintain its waterproof integrity, therefore it is essential that you choose the right people to do the work for you. You must have a stable wet room floor, slopes that enable the water to run away into a suitable drain and the wetroom area should be properly tanked.

Tanking simply means waterproofing and there are various methods of doing this –

  • Rubber Paint & Chemical Seals
    Has the advantage of proven waterproofing ability, & complete simplicity of application. Applied by brush, or roller the choices are a thicker ‘rubber type’ polymer that completely coats the area’s at risk & forms a visible protective barrier, or a thinner chemical seal that soaks into a substrate to resist water ingress into that material. Application & drying times can be similar. A tape is often used to bridge gaps & joints so they can be sealed. Rubber paint has the advantage of being much more visible during the build-up time that may take a day or two. Thus, gaps can be seen & re-covered more easily.
  • Cement
    The use of joint sealing tape is used to secure cement that dries to for a barrier. Relying on cement only depends upon the manufacturer in question. Some wet room systems completely rely on 3rd party suppliers for waterproofing. In these circumstances, the question of responsibility becomes almost impossible to judge, & therefore who should be approached if leaks occur can become an impossible battle. If this worries you, consider a company that provides the complete system & will back it up.
  • Rolls of Material
    Some systems offer rolls of material to form a barrier. Made from rubber, re-enforced matting, or even a bitumen style material, these can require many more processes and be more difficult to apply than a rubber paint or chemical system. They will also need a higher level of skill, knowledge & experience than a brush & roller system. They should be considered suitable for those with higher levels of knowledge, skill & experience

Add to this an underfloor heating system and your room is completely transformed into a warm, inviting, relaxing environment to enjoy and indulge in. Electric underfloor heating systems are most suitable for wet rooms, bathrooms, shower rooms, kitchens, conservatories and any general living areas where ceramic or stone tiles are laid. Electric underfloor heating is a form of Radiant Type Heating. This kind of heating is a gentle comfortable heating that is silent, economical and efficient. Radiant heating does not heat the air, it heats the person and surrounds such as furniture. It provides an even form of heat in a room and is therefore more economical and energy efficient. Underfloor heating not only makes for a more comfortable environment, it is a more economical one. Typical operating temperatures can be 1 to 2 degrees lower than conventional heaters, reducing energy costs by as much as 10%.

Naturally Tiled can provide you with a computer aided design drawing of your potential new bathroom / wetroom. All we need to do is to visit you at your home, take the relevant dimensions, have a chat about the kinds of suite and fittings you would prefer and we`ll go away and do the work for you.

Naturally Tiled can help you find and supply your dream Bathroom / Wetroom items from our partners` extensive ranges including Bristan, Roca, Mira, Lakes, Novellini and Showerlux. We can provide you with brochures to browse through at your leisure instead of having to waste more of your precious time driving from showroom to showroom. Then once you have chosen we can expertly install it for you.